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DTE ConFest announcement regarding ticket prices:

It was proposed at a ConFest Committee meeting, that despite advertising adult tickets at $100 plus two volunteer hours, we could keep tickets at $80 plus two volunteer hours for this Easter festival.

The directors and ConFest committee met last week and evaluated the viability of this in the face of continuing expenditure requirements. We regret that the price of $100 for all adult tickets needs to stand. There are higher costs associated with running ConFest than ever before and there is need for substantial amounts to be spent on compliance, insurance, safety equipment and risk management to ensure Easter ConFest can go ahead, and the gathering’s longevity.

Our objective has always been to keep the ConFest ticket price and running costs as low as possible. This Easter festival, that cost is $100 plus two hours of your time, and $1 for children under 16 years of age accompanied by a ticket bearing parent or guardian.

Down to Earth is a not for profit cooperative, the sole purpose of which is to ensure ConFest remains viable and can continue in years to come. We too love ConFest and take the responsibility of ensuring that ConFest continues very seriously. We sincerely hope you will be able to join ConFest this Easter and also hope that by giving you enough warning and continuing to keep our costs and ticket prices as low as possible, that everyone will have sufficient time to raise the extra $20 needed by Easter.

Fire twirling will not be permitted at the next ConFest
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