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Down To Earth Co-op meetings
at C.E.R.E.S. Lee St East Brunswick.

DTE meetings    2017


Thursday 9/03/17
Finance Committee Meeting       5:30-7:30pm
ConFest committee Meeting       7:30-10:30pm    
Directors Meeting             10:30-11:00pm

Thursday 16/03/17
Finance Committee Meeting       5:00-7:00pm
ConFest committee Meeting            7:30-10:30pm-

Thursday 23/03/17
Finance Committee Meeting       5:00-6:30pm
ConFest committee Meeting            7:30-10:30pm-

Thursday 30/03/17
Finance Committee Meeting       5:00-6:30pm
Organising Committee Meeting       6:30-8:00pm    
ConFest Committee             8.00-10:30pm

NO Meeting Thursday 6/04/17 back after ConFest

CONFEST 12/04/2017 to 18/04/2017

The usual meeting room
the ED centre on the right,
just inside the Lee St gate

The room could be avaliable for other use on the non meeting Thursdays.
Send any suggestions to

                  NOTICE Annual General meeting 26-7-2015.PDF

                  MINUTES Annual General meeting 26-11-2015.PDF

                  NOTICE General meeting 30-11-2015.PDF

                  The Board of the Down To Earth Co-operative

                  Minutes General meeting 2-10-2014.PDF

                   Inspection Report - confest dec 2012.pdf


                   General meeting march 29 2012.pdf

                   General Meeting notice 15/9/2011 PDF

                   General Meeting notice 24/3/2011 PDF

                   AGM Meeting notice 25/11/2010 JPG

                   General Meeting notice 5/7/2010 PDF

                   Annual General Meeting notice 26/11/2009

                   General Meeting notice 24/7/2008 PDF

                   Annual General Meeting notice 8/11/2007

                  A personal DTE history by Peter Mills

                   AGM notice for year 2005/2006

                  ConFest Easter 2007 comments book PDF

                   Letter from the Wakool Shire

                   First Aid Report Easter 2006

                   General Meeting notice 4/10/2007 PDF

                   First Aid Report of the 2008 Autumn Festival.pdf

                   Well Being Report Easter 2008.PDF

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