Urgent Notice
Lost wedding photographer.

During Easter ConFest a couple got married on the side of the Gulpa Creek.
The happy couple arranged for a girl to photograph the wedding but they have lost her address.
If you did take any photos of the wedding please get in contact with Max Pascoe  on  03 9878 0170

    Many early ConFests had opening ceremonies, and we have been searching for a way to continue this practice. It is a great idea, but picking a time and place that every ConFester could attend seems near impossible. It has been suggested that a "sacred" fire could be started in a special place at the beginning of ConFest.. If every ConFester were able to contributing something to the fire, then the actual time of starting the fire would not be the main significance. If people coming to ConFest were to bring some soil from where they live, and put it into the ConFest fire, it could symbolise the our common bond with the Earth . The soil could be wrapped in paper. The paper could also contain messages, wishes, things about the place the soil came from. At the end of ConFest people may like to take some of the ashes from the fire with  them..
Comments so far  "How will the fire be lit?"  "What will happen if there is a total fire ban?" "Sounds like trying to starting a religion to make ConFest tax exempt.!"    "Will the fire be used for cooking?